Go look at our Web site!  A remark heard often today.  Want to make people pause and wonder if you’re legitimate…simply say you don’t have a site!  You’d get the same response if you said you didn’t have a fax machine 20 years ago.  People may think you blew-in from out-of-state last summer.  Not the impression you want folks to have about your company.  You want people to see you as a modern, innovative and resourceful business.  The first step is to establish a Web site.

Your Web site will act as an on-line brochure, permitting customers to learn who you are, where you are and how to contact you.  And best of all, your site will be available 24/7.  No longer will people be bound to your work schedule.  They’ll be able to reach you on their schedule, whether evenings, weekends or whenever.

NetPeers, Inc. builds Web sites for small businesses; people who have limited funds for advertising.  Most small companies can’t afford to spend hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars a month on phone company ads, especially when more and more customers are going to the Web to find products and services.  Simply put, the Web is faster, more informative and less costly than the yellow pages.

At NetPeers, our business is your business!  Whether you sell widgets, waffles or water skis, there are customers out there who want to buy.  Whether they live across town or across state, if you don’t catch their eye your competitors will.  Having a Web site is the first step in getting peoples attention.  Reach out to those customers, increase sales and let NetPeers help you do it!

NetPeers...building Web Sites for small business for twelve years!

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