I had been getting so tired of watching my

retirement nest egg being tossed around by

the highly volatile stock market, or stuck

in “safe investments” with one percent returns

on my investments.

Then I discovered the way to roll my retirement

funds out of my very limited retirement account

into a “Self-Directed” 401K, which not only

allows me to determine where to invest my

money, but also allows me much more variety

in investing beyond traditional stocks, bonds,

mutual funds, and money markets. 


Since I started this new venture, I have purchased a bank-owned condo, which will be rented out and return a healthy 5 to 7 % return on my investment from rental income - PLUS - 10 to 20 years from now, when I no longer want to manage a rental property, I can sell it for an appreciated price and invest in a passive fixed income asset.

I am so excited by this program that I want to tell others about it.  I find the future to be a bit scary, so I believe the more diverse my retirement portfolio is, the better chance I have of holding onto at least part of it no matter what happens - and I’d like to share this opportunity with you.